50 Shades of… something


Lady Grey and I decided to give this book, ’50 Shades of Grey’ a read. She did most of the reading, and we both did a lot of cringing. Without further fanfare here’s what we have to say.

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The 50 Shades Drinking Game:

*Take a shot or drink whenever:

Someone Flushes or Blushes
Someone mentions fingers
Everytime someone says “Oh My”
When the author calls a vagina “my sex” or “down there”
The main character talks about her “Inner Goddess”

*Please note that this game is not a real game and is not intended to be played in any amount of seriousness. It is unhealthy to consume large quantities of alcohol in very short periods of time and could result in serious injury, hospitalization or death.

Should you attempt to play this game and come to any harm neither Predilection Magazine or the members of its staff can be held liable. You have been warned.

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One Response to 50 Shades of… something

  1. Currently listening to the audiobook reading of this book while driving to/from work. And I have found myself laughing out loud more than actually being titillated. It’s great when she is describing a nice erotic scene with breasts, nipples, and clitoris, but then to resort to the euphemism of ‘my sex’ just breaks it. So great drinking game. I will Not be playing that.

    So far I am only about of a 5th of the way through, and despite the reviews, I am gonna just listen to the whole thing anyway. If not for the titillation, for the laughs.

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