To Shave or Not to Shave

by Lady Grey

There are many reasons that we choose to shave our genital regions. Many like the way it looks, feels, or helps in the sexual department. Many people have questions about genital shaving, so we sat down to answer a few of them.

Q: Is shaving really healthier and cleaner than having a bush?
A: This is a tricky question because you will hear opinions on both sides of the fence. It’s true that before boxers, briefs, thongs, and other yummy private covers that pubic hair was needed to keep out bacteria from your private parts, and provided essential warmth to the reproductive organs. Some experts say that it’s now just a trap for sweat and bacteria, and that shaving your privates will help you sweat less, smell better, and keep the area clear of infection.
On the other side of the fence are those that say that showering regularly, and using soap on your curly q’s will keep you just as clean as the bald shaver. If the soap you normally use dries out your skin down there, try unscented natural soaps for sensitive skin, or if it seems to toughen up your pubes, add a touch of conditioner to keep the hair soft.

Q: My boyfriend doesn’t like to shave, but I don’t like “flossing” while giving head anymore than he does when going down on me. Is there something I can do to change his mind?

A: Lots of men don’t like shaving and lots of women don’t like their men shaved below the waist. After all, those tufts of hair provide a lot of nice friction to the clitoris during actual sex. However, you shouldn’t have to deal with hair stuck in your teeth. Sometimes a good middle ground is a trim. Get him an electric trimmer (like the ones men use on their faces) and ask him to try trimming back the forest. It doesn’t have to come off entirely to make a huge difference when performing fellatio.

Q: I get horrible razor burn when I shave my pussy: is there anything I can do about it?
A:Getting razor burn after shaving could be a number of problems, but here are a few tips that might help:

  • Try changing shaving gels or creams to something unscented for sensitive skin.
  • Never shave with the same razor you use for your legs. Always use a new razor for shaving down there. Your pubic razor should always be sharp.
  • If your hair is a little on the bushy side when you start, try a tiny bit of conditioner on it before you get to work.
  • If you’re shaving off a full bush or shaving for the first time, trim it down before shaving.
  • A rookie mistake is to start shaving her pubes like one would shave her legs: against the grain first. This is a big mistake. The privates should be shaved like a man shaves his face, by going with the grain of the hair, then side to side, and against the grain last. If you would like more instructions, most adult stores carry ‘How to’ videos.
  • Last, if the problem still persists, then you should try an anti-irritation cream like Bikini Zone.

Q: Is there a safe way for me to dye the color of my pubic hair?
A: Not a Shaving question, but I will answer it anyhow. There is! There are number of pubic hair dyes that are FDA approved and can be found with a quick Google search for “pubic hair dye”. Do not use head hair dyes on your privates EVER! Head hair dye products often contain harsh chemicals like peroxide and ammonia, which can cause chemical burns. It’s an ER trip you would rather not take.

Q: I was told that shaving gets rid of crabs. Is this true?
A: No! Crabs will not go away by themselves and shaving won’t make them leave. You have to get the proper treatment for them. Shaving will also not prevent you from contracting pubic lice.

Q: Will shaving make my hair grow back longer and thicker?
A: Nope! Shaving will not cause your hair to be longer or thicker than when you started. Most long time shavers report their hair grows back shorter and with the same thickness. Shaving will also have no effect on how long it takes your hair to grow back.

Q: My boyfriend says if you nick the scrotum while shaving you could bleed to death, is this true?

A: You can rest assured in the knowledge that no one has ever died from a nicked scrotum. It will hurt a lot, but this area of the male body is a lot like the head in that the smallest cut can bleed a lot, but it is not serious. If you do happen to nick yourself, then keep pressure on it until the bleeding slows and then dab a tiny bit of antibiotic cream on it. Make sure to keep it clean and as dry as possible until it heals.

Q: How can you tell a shaving infection from razor burn?
A: Razor burn usually appears as small red, itchy bumps and most of the time is nothing more than irritated skin. The most common (assuming you are using clean razors and this isn’t something like an infection from using old and/or rusty razors) infection from shaving happen when bacteria gets caught in the hair follicles growing under the skin. This will cause the red bumps to become puffy and raised and can resemble acne. If the trapped hair is close to the surface of the skin, then take a pair of clean tweezers (if you can wipe them down with alcohol this is even better) and remove the hair. This will release the bacteria. Clean with warm soapy water and dab a little antibiotic cream over the area.
If you do nick yourself with an old razor or suspect that something was wrong with your razor, then you need to go see your doctor right away! In addition to many types of bacteria that could populate an old razor, getting nicked with a rusty blade puts you at risk for tetanus!

Hopefully this helps answer your questions on shaving.

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