The Third Gender: An Interview With Xenith


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For More Information on 3rd Gender: (general info) (Nepal’s Government recognizes Third Gender) (Third Sex in Tahiti)


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5 Responses to The Third Gender: An Interview With Xenith

  1. if you are not male or female, wouldn’t that make you not straight by definition?

  2. @ Sugar,

    Yes, you are absolutely right. In hindsight after listening to this interview again it would have been more clear to differentiate that by being 3rd gender I can’t technically be gay or straight. Also near the beginning the interview there was discussion of my “orientation”, when it should have been differentiated that my “gender identity” was the topic of discussion. Thank you Sugar for helping me straighten this out!

  3. So how would a Third Gender describe their orientation?

    • Great question! The simple answer is that would depend completely on the individuals involved.

      To be more detailed I do know a lot of individuals (both genderfluid and singularly gendered individuals) that identify as “pansexual” or “omnisexual”. Generally speaking pansexual pertains to not seeing or care to focus on gender, rather having the capacity and desire to fall in love with people no matter their gender (which includes intersexed, trans, or gender fluid). They see people, not people with genders. Omnisexual is similar, but it is more along the lines of “all sexes”. Generally speaking they acknowledge gender and are capable of falling in love with all varieties of gender.

      I find myself to be most attracted to females, and have always had the best sense of community and belonging with females. I had very few male friends throughout my life, and generally speaking most males do not stimulate me mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. I find myself more attracted to trans/intersexed/othersexed individuals then males, but there have been a few males I have or am currently intrigued by on a basic level. Whether I would be capable of being sexually active with said males I have no idea. My attraction to them is more spiritual, mental, and emotional then physical/sexual.

      I would personally take on the term “Pansexual”, but again I feel I am a bit jaded as to not have much desire or interest in males when it comes to physical sexuality. However I am a flow-being and open to having the Mother/Universe prove me wrong.

      I hope that helped!

  4. I have been in contact with Lady Gray, and she is interested in having a “part 2″ follow-up interview based on all the great questions generated by this post! Thank you once again Sugar and everyone else that has been so supportive and followed this topic. Perhaps we can bring some of my other genderfluid/3rd gender friends into the discussion as well!

    Stay tuned!

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